Thursday, 26 September 2013

Choosing the Best Dumbbell for Home Workout

 If you like the Bowflex 552 dumbbells, you'll love this set.
This dumbbells set packs on a little more weight but features the same design as the smaller ones. Many people see that they want more than the standard 52 pounds and find this model which provides 90 pounds is perfect.
These are wonderful for the house since they pretty much provide all the weight that 95% of exercisers will ever want. 90 pounds in each hand is rather a load to handle plus a lot of folks who buy these end up never using the full amount but appreciate having the option for growth.

These dumbbells can be joined with any variant of the Bowflex weight bench to make the perfect workout alternative.

Here are some reasons I think these dumbbells are wonderful

As said above, 180 pounds is plenty of weight and is adequate for practically all home exercisers. Of course, heavy lifters will demand more weight but as a personal trainer, I've seen more than my share of individuals than they should be lifting lifting more weight.

Extremely easy to use
As with all dumbbells made by Bowflex, these simply work at the turn of the dial. Need more weight? Simply turn the dial. It's really simple with all the markings of the weight right about the dials, you only turn the dial towards the weight which you need and start lifting. This makes it easy for doing drop sets which are practically impossible to accomplish within the house with traditional free weights.

Comfortable and balanced
These provide a comfortable experience along with the total feel of the weights seem to be very balanced on each side. I only wish the handle had a rubber grip to the handle like the 552s do. However, these only have a solid grip that is certainly made to last and is pretty comfortable as well.

Here are just a few things I DON"T LIKE about these

These exact things are HUGE
It's understandable that with all the total amount of weight provided on these dumbbells, they're planning to to own to be a little bigger than regular dumbbells. Nevertheless these are 17.5 inches long no matter how much weight which you have on them. This makes it a little tough to do specific exercises. I had been shocked to view the size of these especially when compared to my Powerblock set that features the same weight.